Holding on Tight

We are Disney World fans.

Scratch that. We are Disney World fanatics. 

I was so excited for our trip this past January. It would be the first time we had every stayed at resort. It was the first time we would be on the Disney Dining Plan. It was the first time we would all be flying. Those are some big firsts for us, a family of 6.

I had talked this trip up. I was ready. My family was going to have such a fun time courtesy of this Type A mom - they would be thanking me while we there for all the planning I had done in preparation. My plan was tight.

Oh the best laid plans...see nothing went as planned. I forgot Cody's antibiotic for his ear infection. Delta had a problem with my plane ticket and getting me on the right side of the plane since I had an "infant in arms". Cody threw up when we landed in Orlando and then proceeded over the next few days to have some of the biggest diaper blowouts I have ever been privy to out of all 4 kids. Our credit card information was stolen...I could go on and on with all the things that went wrong. The plan was out the window.


I was angry. A few times I'm pretty sure I let my family know it. All my planning, all my work.

Isn't that how we sometimes feel about Sunday mornings when they don't go as planned?

That volunteer who didn't connect with the parent at the door. Haven't I given them suggestions on what to say?
That large group storyteller who didn't quite have the "passion" that you hoped they would have. Did they not study up the script I gave them?
That greeter whose smile wasn't convincing enough. Haven't I told them how important it is that our lobby is our warm, friendly environment?
That worship leader who couldn't remember the lyrics. Did they not do their prep work I gave them before they came in?

We work all week on our plan for Sunday mornings. And sometimes we hold onto it so tight. So tight that we expect everyone else to feel the tension that we feel, the desire to have the PLAN go off without a hitch.

Something I learned from our last Disney World trip was that not all trips look alike. I would never wish the stuff we had happen on anyone, but it didn't mean we had a bad trip. This trip was different. We had to slow down and take our time which meant we were able to enjoy different aspects of Disney that we had not seen and discovered before. We had to learn to go with the flow. I had a choice. I could hold on tight to the plan, or I could let it go (cue the Frozen soundtrack).

We have a responsibility as leaders to pray and move in the direction God calls us in our planning and ministry throughout the week. But if we could do that and have Sundays turn out perfectly, what would that teach us as leaders? How would we grow? God wants us to rely on Him.I don't want to be a parent or a leader who holds on so tight to MY plan. I want to be a someone who says... "I have prepared and planned this week. Here you go, God. You can have my plan. I'm going hold on tight to You and trust that You have this Sunday. I'm going to trust if things don't go according to plan, You have a bigger plan at work."