As I was weeding the flower bed in our front yard late Easter day, my middle two children were playing on the porch steps. (By the way, any story involving "2 middle children", specifically, my "middle children" is always the start to something very entertaining or very disturbing.)

I heard a conversation that went something along these lines...

Middle Child #1: You're a liar, you're a liar. You're lying on Easter of all days. You lie just like Adam and Eve. 
Middle Child #2: Sobs hysterically.
Me: She just Jesus Juked you!

Just kidding, people. Only in my head did I say the last part.

I took Middle Child #1 aside and began to explain to her somethings...

Me: I know you are frustrated with your sister, but we did not call each other names or use the Bible as a weapon against her. Do you remember the people who had a hard time seeing their own sin because they were so worried about everyone else's? They were the Pharisees.

At this point Middle Child #2 comes running up, pointing at her sister...

Middle Child #2: You're a Pharisee and the Pharisees killed Jesus!!!

Mic drop. 

It's amazing how in one moment you can feel so proud and yet so horrified at your children. I was shocked that my 5 year old even knew what a Pharisee was and dumfounded that she knew how to use it against her sister.

I'm not sure if this happens in all church-going families or if this is just the effects of both of us being parents that work in ministry. But, at that moment I was reminded of how dangerous information with the wrong intent can be. 

My kids are learning a good foundation from the Bible. And for that, I am thankful. But, if I as a parent only concentrate on the "information", they will miss how it can ultimately transform you. Transform you into a godly man or woman of God or maybe transform you into a Pharisee.

As a parent, I have to constantly be putting new information in front of my kids for them to learn about the Bible and ultimately about God. I also have to come behind that information and explain what it means for them in their lives and in other people's lives. I have to contexteualize it for today.

I have to remind them that these stories from the Bible and God's Word were not meant to be used to hurt others, but rather to build others up. They were not meant to be used to help you "win" an argument.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

God, please help these pastor's kids...