The Bible is Better than Gold

Teaching preschoolers about the Bible can be difficult when preschoolers can’t even read yet. Here’s some tips on speaking with your preschooler about the Bible.

Be careful to always reference the Bible and it’s “rules” regarding how we should live. Sure, children need to be corrected and they need to know what God’s standards for our lives are, but more importantly, they need to know the love of God and how He came to rescue us. If we as parents focus more with our children on the correcting and rebuking part of the Bible, our children will miss the biggest theme of the Bible: God sent us His Son so that we could know Him and spend forever with Him.

Teach your preschooler that the Bible is about God and His Story. The Bible is not all about me and what I should be doing – it’s about God and what He has done. Teach your preschooler that the big story of the Bible is about the love of God for His children and how He came to rescue us. And that love…never stops, no matter what we do. Talk about the ultimate super hero!!!

Reference biblical characters and their strengths AND weaknesses. The cool thing about the Bible is people have gone through what we struggle with today. Some did it well…some did it not so well. There are stories of people who struggled with fear, disobedience, selfishness, and the stories of how they overcame it. These stories remind preschoolers that they are not alone! And the God of the universe helped them. Because of this, I can know that He will help me!

Make the Bible apart of your life. If you want God’s Word to be in them, it has to be in you. If you want your children to know that His Word is precious to you, they need to see you spending time in it. What you love, you spend time with. Preschoolers catch onto what you are teaching them when they see it modeled out with their own eyes. They will know the Bible is the greatest treasure when they see you treating it like the greatest treasure!